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Autolab provides a one-stop-shop maintenance service for all car brands, founded on the highest technical capability and building on knowledge gained from years of experience.

We are experts in car maintenance, bringing together high-tech skills and equipment, full-maintenance capabilities across all car brands, and unrivalled understanding of drivers’ requirements in the MENA region.

Autolab is unique in having the correct, fully authorised technical equipment to service all Qatar’s automotive brands at our three Doha service stations – keeping you moving, whatever marque you drive, while preserving your vehicle warranty.

  • Preventive maintenance (15 point check):

    Every vehicle regardless of its brand or mileage requires a regular inspection to sustain vehicle health, avoiding costly repairs and ensuring your vehicle is operating safely.
  • Computer check and diagnosis to identify potential malfunctions

    With technically-advanced control systems taking the place of simple engine components, computerized analysis of your vehicle’s control computer are required alongside basic maintenance services.
  • Transmission maintenance including oil and filter replacement.

    Transmission glitches normally occur when regular service is neglected, for example your fluids are not correctly replaced, heat caused from mileage friction resulting in rough shifting or simply accelerated wear. Regularly scheduled transmission service are recommended for the maintenance of all vehicles.
  • Engine treatments:

    We provide Engine cooling system maintenance and repair as a preventative care maintenance measure to ensure your vehicle is in a suitable operating temperature.
  • Air Conditioner system repair and recharge:

    Book your Air Conditioning Recharge today. We will ensure that your air conditioning system is maintained all year round, this service includes a full diagnosis of the different component of the AC system from compressors to evaporators to a routine gas filling and filter change.
  • Aftermarket parts:

    We provide a comprehensive range of spare parts either from our store or from our partners at Shell, ACDelco, and exclusively from NGK, OSRAM, and Valeo.
  • Brake system repair and replacement

    Book your vehicle for a brake check appointment, including brake pads, discs, ABS system service and rotor disk replacement and turner.
  • Tires services

    Ensure your vehicle is operating safely, at Autolab our Tire services include replacement, balance, wheel alignment, tire rotation, TPMS reset (Tire Pressure Monitor System).
  • Suspension and steering services.

    Booking in for a suspension and steering services provides you with a complete system evaluation including shock and strut replacement, front and/or rear suspension (arms and bushes) repair and power steering system.
  • Starter motor replacement
  • Window regulator & switches replacement
  • Door locks servicing & replacement.
  • Radio antenna replacement.
  • Horn servicing & replacement.
  • Rear gate lock & switch servicing & replacement.
  • Wiper arm motor & washer pump motor servicing & replacement.
  • Side mirror servicing & replacement.
  • Light system services including head light alignment, interior and exterior bulbs replacement
  • Starting and charging system repair including batteries, starter motor and alternator.
  • Rear gate strut replacement
  • Hood strut replacement
  • Door handle,rear gate handle servicing & replacement
  • Step board& mudguard servicing & replacement
  • Fender liner replacement
  • Accessories replacement